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Palliative Care for Aboriginal People Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Palliative Care for Aboriginal People - Essay ExampleThe heart purpose of palliative care is to alleviate physical, psychological and social distress so that improves the quality of life of individuals and their families facing the problems associated with life-limiting illness. In addition, it involves the family and in most cases extends to the closeness of the community. This aspect of palliative care raises the question of cultural influences to the effectiveness or defectiveness of the whole process in this multicultural country(Elliott, Aitken & Chaboyer, 2011). It is, therefore, imperative that nurses provide weird and cultural care for individuals and their family receiving palliative care through the application of spiritual and cultural competent nursing care principles (Elliott, Aitken & Chaboyer, 2011). The discussion will focus on Aboriginal and Torres Islander people spiritual and cultural care in relation to palliation. To grasp the sensitivity of palliative care t o the Aboriginal people, one has to show the underlying factors that precipitated their alienation from the rest of the Australian existences. Over 20% of the Aboriginal race lives in very remote areas (100 kilometres from a health centre). This Aboriginal state has the highest death rate in Australia specially for people between the ages of 25-45. What is worse if the fact that the current health system does not recognize most of the ailments this population faces as fatal. With the arrival of the Europeans came the arrival of chronic illnesses such as Hypertension, diabetes, stroke and a myriad of heart diseases (Austin Health, 2006). In addition, the past experience of Aboriginal people, especially the experience of the Stolen Generations result in the fact that most Aboriginal people do not trust government institutions and this creates a barrier between them and healthcare givers (Austin Health, 2006). The vulnerability of these populations makes it very imperative that t hey receive spiritually and culturally appropriate care. Cultural beliefs and traditions relating to death and dying in Aboriginal Communities The Dreamtime is the ultimate spiritual and cultural guide to these people. It influences social systems, myths, punishment and reward, life, death and health. Specific to palliative care, Dreamtime makes the people view death as an ominous mythical secret. Furthermore, Dreamtime influences communication style, decision reservation and consenting, gender and kinship relations and role of elders in the community that are very crucial factors in palliative care for the Indigenous people. The Indigenous population favours a homely transfer this is to say that they prefer to die in the confines of their community. Aside from the fact that the Indigenous population favours a homely demise, there is the issue of ceremonies that are very important to them, even those who predominantly practice Christianity. According to a study done by McGrath and Phillips (2008) the most fashionable and dominantly held practices include The smoking ceremony an elder smokes the house, room or car where the individual frequented to helps the spirit of the dead person pass on to the other side. The endorsement one is marking the house of the deceased with red ochre that also releases the spirit of the dead person and releases it into the other world (spirit world). There is also dancing, cantabile and decorating of the house using flowers to ensure that the spirit of dead person gets a heartfelt send

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Security Legislations and Standards Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

hostage Legislations and Standards - Essay ExampleSome of the well known examples of these rules and regulations comprise the Clinger Cohen Act, the GPRA (Government Performance and Results Act) and FISMA (Federal Information Security Management Act). Seeing that these rules, policies, and regulations are very important for the measurement of information security measures, thus including them for the information security performance management is useful for the businesses (Chew, Swanson, Stine, Bartol, Brown, & Robinson, 2008). This paper discusses the various(a) aspects of Security Legislations and Standards. Legislations and Standards Serving their Purposes Global information security management guidelines play a significant role in organizing and determining organizational information governing body security. In this scenario, organizations use various rules and guidelines (such as BS ISO/IEC17799 2000, BS7799, SSE-CMM and GASPP/GAISP) in erect to determine and compare how au thenticated their strategies are, and how extensively they are implemented. However, it is discovered that BS ISO/IEC17799 2000, BS7799, SSE-CMM and GASPP/GAISP were public or common in their scope as a result they did not focus on the dissimilarities exist between organizations and the reality that their safety needfully are exceptional. In addition, according to the research those security strategies were authenticated by application to extensive capability thus it was not a dominant al-Qaida for significant global information security strategy. Thus, to cope with these limitations, it is assessed that information security management strategy should be observed as a library of policies hearty on information safety management for the committed companies (Siponen & Willison, 2009). In this scenario, organizational directed security standards are discordent in intensity of concept. In addition, they differ from slack structures for security management (for example GMITS), to a r ecord of security essentials i.e., perform that, dont carry out that (for instance standards like BS7799 1993, IT safeguard guide 1996), that look like those in list of tasks or responsibilities (for instance clients should implement passwords whose length is more than 8 characters) that inserted security to information system in a mark in the pack way. Furthermore, development standards also encompass a public level function, as they offer the safety development order to the business (Siponen & Willison, 2009). How to enforce these Legislations and Standards? The legislation and standard of good practice for information security is the leading influence on information security. Additionally, it ensures information security by following a companys viewpoint, as well as offers a realistic establishment for evaluating corporate data and information systems security. In order to effectively implement security management standards and techniques we first need to see the nature of sec urity issues and dangers which an organization is currently facing. In this scenario we need to assess virtually important security issues those need to be managed and handled through simple security solution. For the management and neutralization of serious security and privacy management aspects we need to micturate and implement an effective business management policy that could effectively oversee security and privacy related aspect. In this scenario, the basic aim of information security management and standard enforcement is to react against the needs of global security management associations. Another aim is to focus on developing some useful strategies for expose handling and

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The Life and Work of Joseph Hayden Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

The Life and Work of Joseph Hayden - Essay ExampleHayden was by all accounts a healthy, fun loving soulfulness equally loved by friends and admirers, and his works are known for their humor with several false endings and the occasionally chord that stands out above the rest. He died a celebrity, though born in humble settings. Music came his name, fame and considerable wealth. The performance of the Creation, organized in his honor the year before he died was attended by the whos who of European music as well several members of the aristocracy. This paper is an exposition of his life and work and is the authors tribute to one of the sterling(prenominal) composers of the western world. The classical period of western music is widely considered to be between 1750 and 1830 and followed by the Baroque period that began circa 1600. The classical period is thus named due(p) to the general adulation for classical antiquity, particularly Ancient Greece, that permeated all creative fields such as Art, Architecture and the sciences. There was a general reach for grandeur and the preference for simplicity and homophony over the polyphony of the Baroque period. While Bach was one of the leading maestros of the previous era, the classical period will defy the names of Hayden and Mozart. ... Hayden grew up in the village in a musical environment, with frequent singing sessions in his house and the village. From this rustic musical setting to the sophism of Austrian music was a big leap for the young Haydn one that would not be accomplished without a great deal of suffering. Haydn being musically gifted, his uncle Johann Matthias Frankh, the schoolmaster and choirmaster in Hainburg, took him in as his ward so that he could receive formal training in Music. Haydn went with Frank to Hainburg when he was sixer years old and never again lived with his parents. For reasons that are not really clear perhaps due to poverty or simply due to indifference, Haydn was not fed ver y well in this household and writes of being constantly hungry. However, he did learn to play the violin and the harpsichord. He also played bivalent parts in the church choir, which soon attracted the attention of the general public. After here, he was accepted as the ward of Georg von Reutter, the director of music in St. Stephens duomo in Vienna in 1740 moved to Vienna, where he worked for the next nine years as a chorister and his younger brother Michael joined him in 1745. However, he still continued to be hungry though Reutter did give his education in Latin, the languages and the violin (Geiringer & Geiringer). Moreover, St Stephens Cathedral was at the center of Austrian tuneful tradition and Haydn benefitted enormously simply by means of the exposure and collaboration that he was able to form there. With his physical maturity, he was soon unable to be a choirboy any longer and by 1749, declared his independence from Reutter, and began work as a freelance musician. The ti me as a freelance musician is not particularly fun to anyone but given

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British Land Company and Shell Petroleum Development Company of Essay

British Land participation and Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria - Essay Exampleposition of the quoted property shares with the key ingredients for stronger performance, hinging on enhancing the level of performance, intensity of the business and accessibilities. Further as REIT, the company does not need to expect any property levyes on the profits and gains from the property business. However, it is necessary for 90% of the income from the exempted business needs to be distributed to shareholders. (British Land. 2007).Being one of the largest property management companies today, with assets beneath management in excess of 18 billion and a market capitalisation of some 5.8 billion, British Land invests primarily in UK property. The focus is on actively managing, financing and developing prime commercial property to create the environment in which modern business can thrive. Following the companys takeover of Pillar Property PLC in summer 2005, the it is now manager/ adviser to, and investor in, a number of offshore unit trusts with total assets of some 3 billion. (British Land Company Plc. 2006).The regime allows the companies to be free of income tax and capital gains tax by release of just a one time payment. The tax problems the property companies have to undergo are in the context of the double taxation there is a tax element at the time of rental income and profits, and again, at the time of disbursing dividends to the shareholders. In order to qualify for tax exemption, the company has to be a UK resident company, it has to be a close ended domestic help company and should be listed with the Stock Exchanges. Also, it should have primarily two classes of shares, equity and non participating preferential share capital.The other governing conditions are in name of the fact that it needs to have a minimum of 3 separate rental property of any kind, the valuation of any single property should occasion more than 40% of the total valuation a nd the company should be in a position to disburse at least 90% of its untaxed incomes as

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Taxation Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

levyationation - Assignment ExampleThese two systems worked independently in the past and the measure authorities maintained sepa metre tax systems for income tax and subject insurance contributions. Income tax was taxed annually in a progressive manner on individuals and corporate bodies whereby low income earners were taxed lower than high income earners (UK Government, 2012). The tax judge change magnitude with increase in incomes of individuals. On the other hand, benefits are payments to individuals by the state. They are paid to individuals through the bank, credit union account or building societies. If whizz does not have any of these accounts, he/she may be paid through Post Office card account. There are various types of benefits in UK. Attendance allowance is a untaxed benefit paid to individuals of over 65 years who are mentally or physically handicapped. Two rates of up to ?71.40 are payable per week. Carers allowance is payable weekly in advance or every 4 or 1 3 weeks. squirt benefit is a universal claim by parents for their children (BBC News, 2012). They are paid after every four weeks in normal situations and weekly for single parents. Tax credit is also paid weekly or after every four weeks, to families with children, whether the parents work or not. Disability living allowance is is a tax-free benefit payable after every 4 weeks to disabled people who have walking difficulties and who need someone to help them walk. Other types of benefits include crisis loans, council tax benefits, community grant care, child trust fund, etc. 2. Description of the proposed recommendation The proposed recommendation requires the desegregation of income tax with benefit systems. To achieve this, the UK tax system beginning(a) needs to merge income tax and National insurance. These are two different ways in which income tax are paid in UK. Maintaining the two types of tax systems may be costly, less transparent and burdensome. Integrating the two sy stems will therefore bring forth an easier method of paying income tax in UK. The integration of income tax with National insurance contribution makes it more transparent for the tax system. The progressive taxation in UK includes 20% basic rate, 40% higher rate and 50% additional rate of income tax (Mirrlees et al, 2012). If this income tax is integrated with National Insurance Contribution, the new rates may be 31%, 41% and 51% respectively. This is a more transparent mechanism which enables individuals to pay for their taxes more easily at once rather than maintaining two separate tax accounts. The second step in the integration of benefit and tax systems is the integration of the benefit system. In this case, the benefit and tax credit systems are merged together. This is a messy and entangled mix of overlapping programmes. The programmes which need to be include programmes needed to provide support for low-income families and benefits provided to give non-means-tested support for various contingencies. The former class of programmes includes job-seekers allowance, income support, housing benefit, indemnity credit, child tax credit and council tax benefit. On the other hand, benefits for non-means-tested support for contingencies include state pension, disability allowance, carers allowance, winter fuel payment etc (Mirrlees et al, 2012). Because several(prenominal) families claim these benefits simultaneously, it is necessary to integrate the two systems into one manageable system. The recommended system

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Recommendations to Chief Librarian of the Medical Library Essay

Recommendations to Chief Librarian of the Medical Library - Essay ExampleHowever, though its base is of DDC it is much more powerful than it. In UDC, auxiliary points be put to practice so as to indicate various special aspects of a subject and also to point out relationships between objects. We can frankincensely state that it contains faceted or analytico-synthetic element that has been used in specialty libraries like medical libraries. Thus, the acceptance virtues of UDC can be considered to be many and thus its acceptance can be said to be numerous.We would now like to throw some light on the development aspects of UDC. It is essential to note that deal is the father of invention. Thus, the development of UDC has been taking place since years based on the requirements as considered essential by the libraries. For example, several crucial aspects have been added to UDC because of the necessity to figure the requirements in the medical depository library. However, it is essenti al to note that UDC is not restricted alone to libraries of medical science several other libraries of various disciplines adopt the practice of UDC so as to be confirmed with a more systematic arrangement in the library system.The advantage of UDC is that the documents, which are taken by classification, can give the presence of their existence in absolutely any form. The classification can be set on films, sound recordings, video, maps, illustrations, books, journals, ebooks, etc. Thus, the positive aspect of UDC as seen is worth the attention it has taken in the scientific scenario of libraries. The classification of UDC is based on Hindu-Arabic numeral and has its base on the decimal system. In the classification system, all(prenominal) number is being considered as a decimal fraction in which the initial decimal point is omitted, and is used to determine the order of filling. Thus, a genuinely logical and scientific approach is being practiced in the classification as used i n the UDC system. In order to add ease in reading, the UDC gains punctuation after every third digit, For example, if after 11 Medical Sciences comes the subdivisions 111 to 119 chthonian 111 Physiology come its subdivisions 111.1 to 111.9 under 111.1 shall come all of its subdivisions before 111.2 occurs, and so on after 119 comes 12. The greatest advantage of this system of classification of knowledge is that its infinite extensibility. This virtue of UDC prevents the disturbance of the library books even after new books touch the library desk. Another advantage of UDC is that the books can be arranged in several main categories. In addition, a document can be classified under a combination of different categories through the practice of additional symbols. The UDC system of classification also presents itself with the advantage of being designed in a vogue that it can readable by the machine. The machine

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American Cultural Mythologies Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

American Cultural Mythologies - Essay ExampleFor instance, honor peruses the New Testament and the story of the birth of messiah Christ through Virgin Mary as a strong proof of the capacity and superiority of women when comp atomic number 18d to men. though she did not claim this superiority in such exact words, her general point is that women were treated highly even in the scriptures, whereas their status in real society is a lot diminished. This essay result argue that what is common between the two speeches is their passionate tone, sincerity and compelling necessity and while Douglass speech is marked by its detailed analysis and sobriety, the trues is full of wit, humor and insight. Douglass begins his speech by highlighting the virtues of the Founding Fathers and their thrust for independence from the British Crown. He notes that the idea of attempting to establish sovereignty by breaking away from the British command was indeed very brave and revolutionary. Having ident ified and praised what is meritorious about the short history of the American nation, Douglass then declares how these achievements are offset by a perennial negative feature of American society namely black slavery. Douglass tone is one of deliberate and measured modestness and inquiry. He punctuates his speech with numerous historical references that justify his plea of equality for blacks. Truths originality lies in invoking a very well known biblical event and interpreting it in a novel way. It accounts for its immediate appeal and affect on the audience which comprised of both men and women. The following passage shows how Truth had adopted Christian Evangelical rhetorical style in her own delivery Look at me Look at my arm I hire ploughed and planted, and gathered into barns, and no man could head me And aint I a woman? I could work as much and eat as much as a man when I could get it and bear the lash as well And aint I a woman?I possess borne long dozen children, an d seen most all sold off to slavery, and when I cried out with my mothers grief, none butJesusheard me And aint I a woman? (Truth, 1851) The contexts in which the two speeches were made help evaluate their merits. Frederick Douglass delivered his speech a decade before the onset of the Civil War a time when blacks did not even have the nominal status of freedom. An overwhelming majority of the community is slaves and led a harsh and laborious life. For this reason, Douglass declares, the Fourth of July is a day of celebration for you (White Americans) and not us (Black Americans). The condition of the black community in America has not seen any improvement in the eight decades of independence that has preceded the date of his speech. Douglass is quite right in feeling about his community this way. There is no reason for rejoicing for his community till they win civil rights on par with that of white Americans. Though Douglass was addressing a predominantly white audience, there wer e no major disruptions during the delivery of his speech. This is in part attributable to the rhetorical technique he employed. He source wins over the trust and confidence of his audience by talking about their merits and achievements. This way, the audience is accepting and attentive to what he is saying. Then he takes the oration to a different path, namely that of the plight of black Americans in relation to the freedoms enjoyed by white Americans